Sunday, November 4, 2007


Allright so Im kind of on a rant today...please forgive me...but the past few days something has been driving me up the wall. I joined this religion because of its open mindedness....I thought the best part about was that it embraced all different ideas and beliefs, however I've come to find that even within this culture some people are SOOOO narrow minded. During the Halloween season I attended a couple Wiccan ceremonies, get-togethers, events, etc and listening in on some conversations I heard many anti-Christian comments. Now if you are Wiccan and don't want to accept the divinity of Christ FINE...but don't bash others that do. Not all Christians are bad, most are really good people. Yea...witches were burned at the stake years ago...but didn't Pagans also feed Christians to lions? And yea some modern Christians hold very strong anti-Pagan views, but you certainly can not judge all Christians on the basis of those individuals...It brings to mind last winter when the movie about Christ's birth (I can't remember the name..but you know what I'm talking about) came out and certain groups of Wiccans were quite upset about it's release...I mean come on...first of all whatever happened to the freedoms guaranteed in our constitution??? You can't outlaw a movie just because you do not believe it's true...second of all aren't Wiccans supposed to be tolerant of others? Since we preach religious freedom and announce our rights to believe and practice what we wish without persecution, shouldn't we give the same rights and respect to others??? annoyed..I guess there's some in every group huh? Overall though, aside from a few individuals, I do find the Wiccan culture and it's practicioners to be very accepting and open I plan on sticking with it.


Skryker said...

It's sad but true-pagans should practice the tolerance they demand from others-tolerance toward all, including Christians. Think of it like a pendulum; we pagans have been downtrodden for a long time after having been the majority. Now, pagans are feeling more powerful again and want to feel our oats, so to speak. We're in a backlash phase that should pass.

And many pagan folk embrace and identify so passionately with the religion and the life because they finally came home, so now they defend paganism over-enthusiastically. My husband calls them "born-again pagans". :) Just like born again Christians, they can't see that any other way has validity or merit.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Hey - missing your blog!