Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Crone

Sorry I missed everyone last night, I was having computer troubles (sometimes I think these things are more trouble than they're worthlol). Anywho...unto the third and final aspect of the Triple Goddess, the Crone. As the Mother ages and moves past her childbearing years she develops into the crone. This elderly woman, though she is no longer active and energetic, has the power of knowledge. She is close to death and has a deep understanding of the world beyond this one. Through her experience, she has a deep understanding of how magic works. At this late stage in her life, the Crone has no use for baseless hopes and dreams. Instead, she focuses on what is deserved. Therefore this third of the Goddess symbolizes justice. Unfortunately, as is the case with some of the elderly, the crone can have her dark side. The fact that she is nearing the end of her time can leave her very bitter and angry. She may want to get all her thoughts out in the open before she is gone, often resulting in harsh criticisms. In addition, the Crone may be so determined to prove that she is still capable of handling herself, that she may end up isolating others.

Crone Correspondances

The Crone is tied to the waning/dark moon

The Crone's season is late Fall/early Winter

Her color is indigo

She is tied to dusk

Ger magical number is 6

The pagan ceremony for the Crone is Samhain-October 31

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mother

Hey there, hope everyone's having a great day. For tonight, I'd like to cover the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Ideally, at this phase, the potential that was within the maiden has blossomed. Clearly, the Mother is linked to birth and nurturing. She also represents compassion, understanding, caring, forgiveness, receptiveness, and an open-mind to change. Like the maiden, the Mother too can have her darker side. She can express her beliefs and compassions in a self-serving way. This side of the mother limits the ability of others to live independently or to achieve their full potential.

Mother Correspondences

The Mother is symbolized by the full moon
The Mother is linked to late Summer/early Fall
The Mother's direction is South-West
The Mother's time is that of the late moon
Her magical number is 4
The Mother is tied to the planet Venus
The celebration for the Mother is Lughnassadh (August 2)

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Maiden

As I promised, this blog will narrow in on the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. It will summarize her strengthes, weaknesses, symbolic links, etc. Perhaps, it will help to think of the maiden as a young lady fresh out of high school. In many cases, such a girl is filled with youth, brilliance, innoncance purity, and above all raw energy. She is at the start of a new beginning and is brimming over with potential. Like most young graduate, though she has extraordinary promise, she is not yet certain what direction she will go in. This individual is comprable to a freshly planted flower seed; she is guaranteed to blossom into something beautifull, however noone (including herself) is totally sure what color her petals will be. However there can be a flip side to all of this. There are some adolescants who are immature and dominated by internalized fears. These individuals may be needy and over-dependent upon others. These are the darker aspects of the Maiden, and if she takes this path she will not realize her true potential.

Maiden coerrspondances

The maiden is linked to the new moon.
She is associated with late Winter/early Spring
Her direction is North-East
Her celestial body is the moon
The maiden is also ties to the human sex organs
The Pagan celebration for the Maiden is Imbale (February 2)

Maiden Goddesses in Mythology


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Triple Goddess

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Hi there! Hope everyone is doing well. The next couple of nights (maybe even weeks lol)I would like to discuss some key ideas in the Wiccan religion. For some of you this may be repetitive for this is mostly common knowledge. However, I would like everyone, even those completely unfamiliar with witchcraft to understand the main ideas that will be included in later blogs. So even though these topics may cover things you already know, please bear with me. For tonight's post I'd like to address the Triple Goddess. Wiccans see the Goddess as having 3 parts; maiden, mother and crone. Each stage leads into the next forming an eternal circle where the maiden conceives a child and becomes the mother who then ages into the crone who then dies and is reborn again as the maiden. The cycles of the moon and season are symbolized by these different parts of the Goddess. Each aspect has her own personality traits and powers. I'll devote a blog to each section of the Goddess and get into more specifics within the next 3 nights. For now though, I have a college paper to write so unfortunately I have to go. Be back tomorrow night :).

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

From Cattholic to Wiccan Part II

Hey! Since my story got interrupted last night, I'll continue where I left off. As I was saying, I was beginning to wonder if Catholicism was the right path for me. Now let me make it clear that I have no problem with the religion. I do not feel that Catholics are bad people or even that every Catholic is judgmental of other religions, in fact some of my best friends are Catholic. There are good and bad people in every faith. If a person truly believes the Catholic teachings and lives accordingly then they are a good person and I'm sure they have a very real and special relationship with the Lord. However, my mother and I were not able to find the answers that we personally sought within the teachings of this religion. We began to look at other religions, but found that many of them shared the same belief that their way was the only right way. Again, I do not feel that the religous teaching of these religions were wrong. Who am I to judge which belief is correct and which is not? I was just bothered by the rigid mind set expressed by the leaders of the religion. Quite by accident, my mother and I came across a book about Witchcraft. We realized it made sense to us. We continued researching the topic and the more we read the more we felt that the Wiccan path was the right one for us. We liked the open mindedness and fluidity of the religion. It seemed that Wicca could expand to encompass personal beliefs and values. Wicca encourages it's followers to ask questions and to make their own judgment calls which was very important to myself and my mom. We also liked the way Witchcraft handled the concept of duality....God/Goddess...male/female...dark/light....physical spiritual etc. In our eye, the main idea behind the Wiccan faith is that each individual is responsible for his or her own relationship with the deity. This relationship is interactive and each relationship is as unique as the individual involved. This is a principle that both my mother and I strongly agree with. And that dear readers, is why I became a Wiccan. Gotta run now, talk to you again tomorrow :).

Monday, September 24, 2007

From Catholic to Wiccan

Hello again! Now you may be wondering exactly why i decided to become a witch ( or maybe you're not...but you get to hear about it anyway lol). I'm not a hereditary witch. I was not born into a Wiccan family, nor was I brought up in the Wiccan culture. In fact I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. I did the whole thing, said my prayers at bedtime, went to Mass every Sunday and even attended Catholic school up untill 9th grade. As I got older my mom and I had some serious talks dealing with religion. I loved (and still love) Jesus Christ and I beleived (as I do now) that he came to this world to teach us, guide us, and to help us lead better lives. However, I was confused and disillusioned by aspects of the church that seemed more political than spiritual. In particular, I was disturbed by the prevailing certainity that Catholisism was the only path to God. It seemed to me that since God made all of us, that He would love us equally whether we called ourselves Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Why should God care what we called Him? Parents typically don't care if you call them mom or mother, dad or why would our Heavenly Father mind if He was called Allah instead of Jahova? Both terms have the same love and reverance behind them and I felt that that was what really mattered to our Lord. I was sure that God cared more about how we treated eachother, the animalls, and this beautifull world He gave to us than what religous group we put ourselves into. The idea that God would put us into a world full of innumerable differant religions and say "pick the right one or else I'll turn my back on you," seemed terribly unfair and extremely unlikely, My mother expressed the same questions and concerns. ...AHH Rowan just woke up...I'll have to continue this post manana untill then...stay safe and stay happy :).

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello all

Hi! Dehlia here, welcome to my blog. I'm a single mom of a 4 year old girl Rowan. I work part time as a teacher's aid and I'm getting my degree in psychology at a university near my house. I live a pretty normal, school, take care of the kid, hang out with my friends...nothing out of the ordinary. Noone would ever guess from looking at me that I'm a witch. Yes thats right ladies and gentlemen, I am a witch. Despite a lack of green pigmentation in my skin and the absance of facial warts, I, along with my mother and daughter, am a practicing wiccan. In these posts I'd like to introduce you into the world of witchcraft. I want to share the history of this practice and explore the mysteries, practices, and misconnceptions about this fascinating and wide spread way of life. I am not looking to convert anyone, I have no hidden agenda here, instead I view these posts as a guide to understanding a unique and intresting culture. If some of the things I say here make sense to you and you feel that you can realate then great...if not don't, but at least you got to learn about an alternative perspective. Feel free to comment on, argue with, or even to criticize any thng I say in my discussions..I promise I won't turn you into a frog :).