Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is John a Witch???

We have a nice couple named John and Jenn for next-store neighbors. Rowan has taken to John and often refers to him as " My friend John ". One day while explaining to her that not everyone is a witch...I told her that there where people who only talked to the God and not the Goddess . The people who talked to both were usually witches. " Why don't those other people talk to the Goddess? Are they mad at her?" Rowan questioned. " " No hon they just don't know her ", I replied. "Hmmmm " she said starring at me thoughtfully as she processed my info. " Wellll I know the Goddess and she is my friend. I talk to her all the time ", She said after a few seconds. "Hey mom " she says pulling on my pants leg for attention. " Is John a witch?" "NO Roe he's not",I respond. She frowned and then nibbled on her lower lip a sure sign she was trying hard to solve a problem. Then her face brightened up" Well thats easy. Next time I see him I'll introduce him to the Goddess. I'm sure they'll like each other."

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Allright so Im kind of on a rant today...please forgive me...but the past few days something has been driving me up the wall. I joined this religion because of its open mindedness....I thought the best part about was that it embraced all different ideas and beliefs, however I've come to find that even within this culture some people are SOOOO narrow minded. During the Halloween season I attended a couple Wiccan ceremonies, get-togethers, events, etc and listening in on some conversations I heard many anti-Christian comments. Now if you are Wiccan and don't want to accept the divinity of Christ FINE...but don't bash others that do. Not all Christians are bad, most are really good people. Yea...witches were burned at the stake years ago...but didn't Pagans also feed Christians to lions? And yea some modern Christians hold very strong anti-Pagan views, but you certainly can not judge all Christians on the basis of those individuals...It brings to mind last winter when the movie about Christ's birth (I can't remember the name..but you know what I'm talking about) came out and certain groups of Wiccans were quite upset about it's release...I mean come on...first of all whatever happened to the freedoms guaranteed in our constitution??? You can't outlaw a movie just because you do not believe it's true...second of all aren't Wiccans supposed to be tolerant of others? Since we preach religious freedom and announce our rights to believe and practice what we wish without persecution, shouldn't we give the same rights and respect to others??? annoyed..I guess there's some in every group huh? Overall though, aside from a few individuals, I do find the Wiccan culture and it's practicioners to be very accepting and open I plan on sticking with it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

numerology...part II I.m finally getting a chance to finish this up..

In numerolgy, your life path, which is the sum of your birth date's digits, represents who you are at birth and the traits yo u will carry throughout life.

Example: October 23, 1972=10-23-1972=1+0+2+3+1+9+7+2=25=2+5=7

Your Destiny number represents what you must achieve in life and is derived from your full name at birth.Eachname is tyaken seperately, reduced to a single digit, and then combined. Every letter has a given value:

A J S = 1
B K T = 2
C L U = 3
D M V = 4
E N W = 5
F O X =6
G P Y=7
H Q Z = 8
I R = 8

EXAMPLE: Betty Sue Baken
Betty= 2+5+2+2+7=18=8+1=9
Sue= 1+3+5=9

Your Soul Urge numer can be found by adding together the value of all the vowels in your full name. It reveals your inner cravings, likes and dislikes.

EXAMPLE: Betty Sue Baken
Betty had an e (y's are considered constanants for this method) so it =5
Sue has a u and an e so it =3+5=8
Baken has an a and an e so it=1+5=6

Your inner dream number tells your secret dreams, desires, and fantasies and is discovered by adding up all the consonants in your full name.

EXAMPLE: Betty=b+t+t+y=2+2+2+7=13=1+3=4

There are many more things that numerology can tell you. These are just the basics. For more info and/or readings check out the numerolgy and tarot card link, its at the top, under the URL.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Numerology...part I

HEY! How's everyone doing? Tonight let's start looking at numerology. It's the study of numbers and what they can tell you about an individual. In this form of divination, each letter is given a numeric value, wach of these numbers are supposed to have certain cosmic vibrations. Twelve numbers are used in munerology, 1 through 11 and 22. Larger numbers can be reduced to one of these core numbers by adding the digits together. For instance 12=1+2=3....or 1932=1+9+3+2=15=1+5=6. Eleven and twenty-two are the only core numbers with two digits, they are known as mask numbers, and are considered to be intensified versions of the numbers 1 and 2. They indicate a potential for enhanced knowledge and/or potential.

Number Charecteristics

1-(positive) strong leadership skills, inventive, determined, brave, individuality (negative) dominating, agressive, egotistic, impulsive

2-(positive) adaptable, cooperative, considerate, empathetic, spirtual, modest, sincere (negative) shy, timid, fearfull, self-conscious, depressed

3-(positive) self-expressive, inspired, imaginative, artistic, insightful, optimistic, fun-loving (negative) unfinished projects, scattered, moody, self-centered

4-(positive) strong values, scientific mind, attention to details, organized, good managing skills (negative) lacks imagination, caught up in details, slow to act

5-(positive) visionary, quick thinker, versatile, curious, action-oriented, resourceful
(negative) restless, discontent, hasty, edgy,tempermental, impatient

6-(positive) responsible, aristic, nurtuting, community oriented, balanced, sympathetic, unselfish ,domestic
(negative) self-righteous, stubborn, dominating, meddling, egotistical

7-(positive) scientific, inventive, studious, charming, peaceful, perfectionist, analyist
(negative0 suspicious, overly reserved, sarcastic, overly upset by distraction, inflexible

8-(positive) political skills, handles power well, good judgement, decisive, take charge ability
(negative) overly ambitious, workaholic, impatient, repressive of subordinates, stressed out, materialistic

9-(positive) friendly, humanitarian, giving, creative, art & writing talent
(negative) self-adulation, scattered intrests, possesiveness, careless with finances, overly intrested in peer attention

Ok guys...I'll finish this up tomorrow...have a great night :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wheel of the Year

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I missed last night..again...sorry..but I did put up some videos...hope you like them. As of tonight I'm back on track. For this blog, I'd like to introduce the Pagan Wheel of the Year, which is basically a calendar of the earth's seasons and the sabbats that correspond to them. It's divides into 8 parts, which are spread out in even intervals for the year. The circular shape represents the fact that time is constantly cycles through the seasons paralleling the cycle of the stages of life, decline, death, and rebirth. Four of thesabats fall n the solstices and the equinox, and the other four occur midway between them.


Oct. 31-Samhain
Dec. 21-Yule
Feb. 2-Imbolc
March 21-Ostara
May 1-Beltane
June 21-Litha
Aug. 1-Lamas
Sept. 21-Mabon

Monday, October 22, 2007

im back

Hey all! Sorry I dissapeared for a couple days I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'm in the middle of a 20 page midterm and I don't feel like writng one more informative thing right now, so I'm gonna do something a little differant and talk about what I've been up to the past few days. Basically my entire weekend consisted of trudging through farmlands gathering up apples and was actually alot more fun than it sounds :) I took the little one with me of course and she was absolutely hysterical. Here are a couple key moments. Sunday, we're scouring the trees for any remaining apples (yes i am a terrible procrastinator and waited untill almost every apple had either been picked or fallen to the ground for the animalls) when one falls off a tree of its own accord. Rowan, being the slightly strange over-imaginative child that she is decides right then and there that we were, naturally, in the land of Oz ("duh mom"). She was quite certain that the trees were angry at us and were retaliating by chucking apples at our heads when we weren't looking. Now let me tell you, if I believed a tree was attacking me I'd be petrified, as soon as I could collect myself I'd hightail it out of there...I'm pretty sure that's the normal response. But no...not her...instead she rushes over to the trees and starts attcking them...punching their leaves and aiming kicks at their branches, the whole bit, to top it all off, she picks up an apple and before I can stop her returns fire at the offending flora...being my daughter, her aim is slightly (and by slightly i mean extremely) off and instead of striking the tree, she instead hits an innocent bystander who was completely unaware of the war being waged not ten feet from him....she immediately apologizes but then launches into a ten minute explanation of why she was throwing apples and tried to enlist his aid in the battle against the trees...his face needless to say was priceless....thankfully the trees seemed to have le arnttheir lesson and the rest of the trip was completed without further assaults...then their was the pumpkin patch...on Saturday we had made a quick stop at a local farm which was having a harvest festival, Rowan did the whole deal...petting zoo, hay rides, you get the the end of the day she absolutey HAS to have pumpkin, nevermind the fact that we are planning on going to a huge field of pumpkins the next day...she NEEDS one right at that moment, and not just any pumpkin, but one particular, oddly shaped, lumpy pumpkin..."This" she announces "is my baby Alissa I love her and if I leave her here she will be so lonely and miss me so much and she'll cry" Who can argue with that logic? We get the pumpkin...That night she is painting Alissa and I receive a call from my friend, his son had just been born..As I'm excitedly jumping up and down, shouting out the news to everyone in my household a mysterious thing happens...Alissa becomes Sunday we did not go to a pumpkin patch, we instead trooped off to a "pumpkin hospital," and spent an inordinately long amount of time looking for Alissa's baby. Fortunately he happened to be located at that hospital (although there was a few minutes where she was convinced we might have gone to the wrong hospital and wouldn't be able to find him) I asked what she would name this pumpkin and she looked at me totally aghast and exclaimed "mommy i have to let Alissa name her own baby it came out of her tummy!!!" and when she got home she consulted with the new mother for about ten minutes before determing that his name was that was my weekend....apples pumpkins and babies of all sorts and types....tomorrow I'll post a blog chock full of info I promise...untill then stay smiling :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hod out your hand....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAll right, back to divination...Another famous form is palmistry, where one interprets markings on a person's hand. There's tons of different things to look for, so I'm going to try and keep it pretty basic and only talk about a few key things. it goes...First of all, it is important to realize that your dominant hand represents your future, while your passive hand holds your past. One of the first things a palmist does is check the coloring of hands. Very pale or bluish signifies poor circulation, very red hints at high blood pressure, whereas a pink tone implies good health. Most hands have four major lines; life, heart, head, and fate. The heart line tells how and why things will happen, but it is not specific on when. It runs from just below the little finger to between the index and middle fingers. A curved line shows the person is aggressive in love, while a straight line shows a person is receptive in love. In some cases the heart line may end below the middle finger which indicates that the person is dominated by a need for love. Branches off this line indicate different sides of emotional nature and if there is a strong branch that touches the life line it implies the person is easily hurt by love. Headlines show how a person thinks.Short line=thinking that is straight to the point and long line=a person who likes to play around with ideas. Slopping lines show creativity and chained implies the person is high strung. If the line forks it shows the person is open minded and can see more than 1 point of view. Life lines are not used to determine the length of life, but rather the quality of it. If it is close to the thumb the person is likely to have a low vitality, if it is far from the thumb the person will have a high vitality. Fate lines that star at the bottom of a palm reveals that the person is settled in their life path early on in life. If this line is weak it shows a tendency to be unsettled and change jobs a lot. Each finger symbolizes something. Index: Long index finger=confidence and awareness, an ability to handle change and crises Short index finger= shy, afraid of failure. If index finger is curved it indicates that the person is a collector and/or has many hobbies. Middle: Long middle finger=serious Short middle finger=carefree Ring: Long ring finger=creative, potential for arts/fashion Short ring fingers are rare and indicate a gambling problem. Pinkie: Long pinkie= high I.Q., talent for writing/speaking, and a strong sex drive Low set pinkie finger can point towards a victim of child abuse A pinkie that sticks out from the hand may imply the person is not happy in their relationships. There is much more to look at and consider while reading palms. For example, mounds, curves, additional lines, and more complicated meanings for the four basic lines.
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