Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is John a Witch???

We have a nice couple named John and Jenn for next-store neighbors. Rowan has taken to John and often refers to him as " My friend John ". One day while explaining to her that not everyone is a witch...I told her that there where people who only talked to the God and not the Goddess . The people who talked to both were usually witches. " Why don't those other people talk to the Goddess? Are they mad at her?" Rowan questioned. " " No hon they just don't know her ", I replied. "Hmmmm " she said starring at me thoughtfully as she processed my info. " Wellll I know the Goddess and she is my friend. I talk to her all the time ", She said after a few seconds. "Hey mom " she says pulling on my pants leg for attention. " Is John a witch?" "NO Roe he's not",I respond. She frowned and then nibbled on her lower lip a sure sign she was trying hard to solve a problem. Then her face brightened up" Well thats easy. Next time I see him I'll introduce him to the Goddess. I'm sure they'll like each other."


A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Aw, what a beautiful spirit!

Skryker said...

lol, if only it was that simple!

It should be. Children are far wiser than we think.

jon be me said...

Beautiful daughter you have.

God/goddess? Same thing to me. We are the one and the same...we/same/god/goddess/

We are but all children if we only let it be...

hi Dehlia!

jon be me said...

No posts in a while.
Are you OK Dehlia?