Sunday, October 28, 2007

Numerology...part I

HEY! How's everyone doing? Tonight let's start looking at numerology. It's the study of numbers and what they can tell you about an individual. In this form of divination, each letter is given a numeric value, wach of these numbers are supposed to have certain cosmic vibrations. Twelve numbers are used in munerology, 1 through 11 and 22. Larger numbers can be reduced to one of these core numbers by adding the digits together. For instance 12=1+2=3....or 1932=1+9+3+2=15=1+5=6. Eleven and twenty-two are the only core numbers with two digits, they are known as mask numbers, and are considered to be intensified versions of the numbers 1 and 2. They indicate a potential for enhanced knowledge and/or potential.

Number Charecteristics

1-(positive) strong leadership skills, inventive, determined, brave, individuality (negative) dominating, agressive, egotistic, impulsive

2-(positive) adaptable, cooperative, considerate, empathetic, spirtual, modest, sincere (negative) shy, timid, fearfull, self-conscious, depressed

3-(positive) self-expressive, inspired, imaginative, artistic, insightful, optimistic, fun-loving (negative) unfinished projects, scattered, moody, self-centered

4-(positive) strong values, scientific mind, attention to details, organized, good managing skills (negative) lacks imagination, caught up in details, slow to act

5-(positive) visionary, quick thinker, versatile, curious, action-oriented, resourceful
(negative) restless, discontent, hasty, edgy,tempermental, impatient

6-(positive) responsible, aristic, nurtuting, community oriented, balanced, sympathetic, unselfish ,domestic
(negative) self-righteous, stubborn, dominating, meddling, egotistical

7-(positive) scientific, inventive, studious, charming, peaceful, perfectionist, analyist
(negative0 suspicious, overly reserved, sarcastic, overly upset by distraction, inflexible

8-(positive) political skills, handles power well, good judgement, decisive, take charge ability
(negative) overly ambitious, workaholic, impatient, repressive of subordinates, stressed out, materialistic

9-(positive) friendly, humanitarian, giving, creative, art & writing talent
(negative) self-adulation, scattered intrests, possesiveness, careless with finances, overly intrested in peer attention

Ok guys...I'll finish this up tomorrow...have a great night :)

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