Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hod out your hand....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAll right, back to divination...Another famous form is palmistry, where one interprets markings on a person's hand. There's tons of different things to look for, so I'm going to try and keep it pretty basic and only talk about a few key things. it goes...First of all, it is important to realize that your dominant hand represents your future, while your passive hand holds your past. One of the first things a palmist does is check the coloring of hands. Very pale or bluish signifies poor circulation, very red hints at high blood pressure, whereas a pink tone implies good health. Most hands have four major lines; life, heart, head, and fate. The heart line tells how and why things will happen, but it is not specific on when. It runs from just below the little finger to between the index and middle fingers. A curved line shows the person is aggressive in love, while a straight line shows a person is receptive in love. In some cases the heart line may end below the middle finger which indicates that the person is dominated by a need for love. Branches off this line indicate different sides of emotional nature and if there is a strong branch that touches the life line it implies the person is easily hurt by love. Headlines show how a person thinks.Short line=thinking that is straight to the point and long line=a person who likes to play around with ideas. Slopping lines show creativity and chained implies the person is high strung. If the line forks it shows the person is open minded and can see more than 1 point of view. Life lines are not used to determine the length of life, but rather the quality of it. If it is close to the thumb the person is likely to have a low vitality, if it is far from the thumb the person will have a high vitality. Fate lines that star at the bottom of a palm reveals that the person is settled in their life path early on in life. If this line is weak it shows a tendency to be unsettled and change jobs a lot. Each finger symbolizes something. Index: Long index finger=confidence and awareness, an ability to handle change and crises Short index finger= shy, afraid of failure. If index finger is curved it indicates that the person is a collector and/or has many hobbies. Middle: Long middle finger=serious Short middle finger=carefree Ring: Long ring finger=creative, potential for arts/fashion Short ring fingers are rare and indicate a gambling problem. Pinkie: Long pinkie= high I.Q., talent for writing/speaking, and a strong sex drive Low set pinkie finger can point towards a victim of child abuse A pinkie that sticks out from the hand may imply the person is not happy in their relationships. There is much more to look at and consider while reading palms. For example, mounds, curves, additional lines, and more complicated meanings for the four basic lines.
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jon be me said...

Uh, all my fingers look "normal"! Does that mean I'm "normal"...ha!
Uh, sorry, but I cant find the lines your talking about beside the heart's straight, then curves to the middle finger (agressive and receptive but needing love?!) Uh, my short pinky (or is it short) is definately wrong about my sex drive... :)

Dehlia said...

lol...well it isn't always 100% accurate and it does allow alot of room for far as the lines go, the life line curves around the base of the thumb and the head line is a horizontal line running across the center of the palm...i posted another image for this blog which clearly outlines them hope the pic helps