Monday, October 22, 2007

im back

Hey all! Sorry I dissapeared for a couple days I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'm in the middle of a 20 page midterm and I don't feel like writng one more informative thing right now, so I'm gonna do something a little differant and talk about what I've been up to the past few days. Basically my entire weekend consisted of trudging through farmlands gathering up apples and was actually alot more fun than it sounds :) I took the little one with me of course and she was absolutely hysterical. Here are a couple key moments. Sunday, we're scouring the trees for any remaining apples (yes i am a terrible procrastinator and waited untill almost every apple had either been picked or fallen to the ground for the animalls) when one falls off a tree of its own accord. Rowan, being the slightly strange over-imaginative child that she is decides right then and there that we were, naturally, in the land of Oz ("duh mom"). She was quite certain that the trees were angry at us and were retaliating by chucking apples at our heads when we weren't looking. Now let me tell you, if I believed a tree was attacking me I'd be petrified, as soon as I could collect myself I'd hightail it out of there...I'm pretty sure that's the normal response. But no...not her...instead she rushes over to the trees and starts attcking them...punching their leaves and aiming kicks at their branches, the whole bit, to top it all off, she picks up an apple and before I can stop her returns fire at the offending flora...being my daughter, her aim is slightly (and by slightly i mean extremely) off and instead of striking the tree, she instead hits an innocent bystander who was completely unaware of the war being waged not ten feet from him....she immediately apologizes but then launches into a ten minute explanation of why she was throwing apples and tried to enlist his aid in the battle against the trees...his face needless to say was priceless....thankfully the trees seemed to have le arnttheir lesson and the rest of the trip was completed without further assaults...then their was the pumpkin patch...on Saturday we had made a quick stop at a local farm which was having a harvest festival, Rowan did the whole deal...petting zoo, hay rides, you get the the end of the day she absolutey HAS to have pumpkin, nevermind the fact that we are planning on going to a huge field of pumpkins the next day...she NEEDS one right at that moment, and not just any pumpkin, but one particular, oddly shaped, lumpy pumpkin..."This" she announces "is my baby Alissa I love her and if I leave her here she will be so lonely and miss me so much and she'll cry" Who can argue with that logic? We get the pumpkin...That night she is painting Alissa and I receive a call from my friend, his son had just been born..As I'm excitedly jumping up and down, shouting out the news to everyone in my household a mysterious thing happens...Alissa becomes Sunday we did not go to a pumpkin patch, we instead trooped off to a "pumpkin hospital," and spent an inordinately long amount of time looking for Alissa's baby. Fortunately he happened to be located at that hospital (although there was a few minutes where she was convinced we might have gone to the wrong hospital and wouldn't be able to find him) I asked what she would name this pumpkin and she looked at me totally aghast and exclaimed "mommy i have to let Alissa name her own baby it came out of her tummy!!!" and when she got home she consulted with the new mother for about ten minutes before determing that his name was that was my weekend....apples pumpkins and babies of all sorts and types....tomorrow I'll post a blog chock full of info I promise...untill then stay smiling :)

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